Since before Paul Simon sang of the virtues of Kodachrome, there has been a camera in my life. Inspired by the great founding fathers of photography, Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand, and Weston, I set aside the small cameras and digital processes in favor of the “original” camera, the 8x10 view camera and the contact printing of the negatives on platinum paper.
My photography is both classical and contemporary, for it embodies the fundamental principles of light, shadow, form, texture, and craftsmanship. Those timeless qualities give foundation to images that are emotional and elegant.

Curiosity, Inspiration & Practice have led my path thru the world of music. From early chant to modern abstract composition the language of music & its dialects have been my passion. I was ten when I realized that since Beethoven was deaf, music arises from within ones own imagination. Life is the inspiration music is the medium of expression & guitar is the tool.

The early love of the guitar first came forth in folk music & led to a deep study of classical guitar thru the works & teachings of Andres Segovia as well as master classes with Christopher Parkening. I have also been inspired by Django Reinhardt Chet Atkins & Les Paul. As a player & composer my guitar music embodies those musical expressions that can be best expressed on the solo guitar. I have performed in all types of venues, from concerts to weddings and black tie events.