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Gregory Leupp Musician

My Guitar Music

The guitar is iconic. It is easily the most widely played and recognized musical instrument in the world. It is both easy to play and very difficult to master.
A guitar can be rhythmical , melodic or harmonic and in skilled hands it can do all three simultaneously. Music for the solo guitar is to music as poetry is to literature. It distills musical ideas and reveals them with and economy of notes. I like to think of my guitar music as drawing the listener into an imaginary world or stimulating their own inner experience and holding the attention just long enough for listener to realize that their attention was captivated by the sound of a few vibrating strings. Moments such as those are timeless. Humans have been listening to the sound of a plucked string since the first bow was strung for hunting, perhaps even before that time. I am just another in that ancient tradition, that long line of string players and music makers.


Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Nietzsche